Naja Schønemann

Set designer | Scenographer | Performer

  • Blücher Memorial 2017

    Sitespecific long durance performance conceived and carried out in collaboration with Nanna Michelle Brinkmann, Christian Eckstein and Jakob Schnack Krog. Action Taking place for 36 hours. We went with 300 kg of raw wool and felted the little island "Askholmene" in the Oslo fjord that was the place of the shoot down of the german war cruiser "Blücher" in 1940, causing the death of around 800 young men. Developed in the context of the workshop "Our Gruesome Cultural Heritage" led by Kjartan Fønstelien and Serge Von Arx, NTA, Fredrikstad, 2017. Video documentation exhibited in the Prague Quadrennial 2019 :
    Eternal Scenography - The Yellow Lakes →