Naja Schønemann

Set designer | Scenographer | Performer

Blücher Memorial 2017

Concept developper, Scenographer

Eternal Scenography - The Yellow Lakes

"The Yellow Lakes" is a hypothetical project developed in a workshop exploring eternal scenography led by Serge Von Arx and Kjartan Fønstelien. We were asked to develop a way of signalising / hiding / communicating the location of radioactive waste thr…

Extended Bodies

Project developed in collaboration with Sofia Findahl and Cecilio Orozco Martinez as part of a workshop with Siri Langdalen at Norwegian Theatre Academy, Fredrikstad Norway, October 2016

Inuit tales

Exam project fra ENSAAMA, France, spring 2014. Installations based on magnetism, light and wind, illustrating two greenlandic folk tales : "The Mother of the Sea" and "the Origin of the Sun and the Moon". In the installations the stories are told by a narrator

Aquatic towers

Immersive Installation for the Festival of Lights, Lyon 2013. The aquatic city in the scale of ca. 1:500 is made by expanded polyethylene foam and polystyren. Exploring the encounter between the two elements air and water, the triangular forms shift and expand in level with the surface, to gradually become more and more organic as they go further into the deep, expressing the erosion and pressure of deep waters. .

Under the table

Immersive Scenography, paraphrasing Fellini's "Satyricon", collaboration ENSAAMA, 2013/14. A huge table with a big, white tablecloth is hiding a world of opulence, defacement and decadence. Insertion, repulsion and attraction are notions explored in this piece.
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